Polyurethane swivel caster with brake

Chair Casters For All Floor Types

Global Caster Corporation sells quality office chair casters, dinette chair casters, and stool casters of all types. We have a variety of finishes and styles to match any decor, including antique finishes.

We have hardwood and laminate floor safe casters!

Caster models are available with non-marring and non-marking thermoplastic elastomer and urethane treads. These treads are proven in to be safe and effective on hardwood, laminate, tile, and terrazzo floors.

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Single Wheel Chair Casters

These single wheel chair casters offer an excellent alternative to the more common twin wheel caster, and are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and tread types to match with any floor.

Spherical Wheel Caster

Spherical Wheel Caster with Multiple Finish Options

Single Wheel Caster

Single Wheel Caster with Multiple Tread Options

Omega Single Wheel Caster with Neoprene Tread

High Quality Single Wheel Caster with Soft Neoprene Tread

Monarch hooded single wheel caster

Stylish Hooded Single Wheel Caster with Multiple Tread Options


Twin Wheel Chair Casters

Twin wheel casters are the most common chair casters, and can be in a large selection of tread types, finishes, and sizes for use as chair caster replacements or new caster installation on chairs.

Hardwood Safe Twin Wheel

Hardwood Safe Thermoplastic Elastomer Caster

Nylon Twin Wheel

Basic Nylon Hooded Twin Wheel Caster

Pacer twin wheel caster with Windsor Antique finish

Die Cast Metal Twin Wheel With Multiple Finish Options

nylon twin wheel caster

Unhooded Twin Wheel Caster For Carpet and Hardwood


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