Wheels for Casters and Equipment

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Wheels

Cast Iron Wheels - Heavy duty caster solution for commercial and industrial environments

Ductile Wheels

Crown Tread Ductile Wheels - For heavy duty, smooth rolling performance.
Heavy Duty Ductile Wheels - Where exceptional strength and shock resistance is required

garden cart wheel

Garden Cart Wheels - In diameters for accomodating all sizes of garden carts.

Nylon Wheels

Glass-filled Nylon Wheels - Non-marking, easy rolling wheel for casters and equipment.
Polyurethane on Glass-filled Nylon Wheels - Softer tread, and quieter than glass-filled nylon wheels.

Ductile Wheels

Heavy Duty Ductile V-Groove Wheels - Track or trackless wheel for shock and heavy stress areas.

Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels - Optimum floor protection and cushioned ride
Solid Cushion Semi Pneumatic Wheels - Heavy duty alternative to pneumatic wheels

Polyolefin Wheels

Polyolefin Wheels - An economical, versatile selection for light to medium duty commercial and industrial applications...

Steel Wheels

Semi-Steel Wheels - Capable of withstanding high capacities with easy rolling under heavy loads.

solid poly wheel

Solid Polyurethane Wheels -Non-marking, high impact and abrasion resistan wheels.

Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane on Polyolefin Center Wheels - Non-marking, smooth rolling and quiet. Highly resistant to oil, grease, water, and most solvents...

poly on metal core wheel

Easy Rolling Heavy Duty Polyurethane Wheels - Featuring a thicker crown tread reducing resistance.
Extra Heavy Duty Polyurethane on Cast Iron Core - 1" thick poly tread chemically and mechanically bonded to the core...
Molded on Polyurethane Wheels on Cast Iron Center - Easy rolling polyurethane tread chemically bonded to a cast iron core

Resin Wheels

Phenolic Resin Wheels - Featuring a high resistance to impact damage while providing protection for most floor surfaces.

Rubber Wheels

Hard and Soft Rubber Wheels - Several hardnesses to accomodate any application...

moldon rubber wheels

Heavy Duty Rubber Mold on Cast Iron Core - Quiet and easy rolling
Hi Elastic Rubber on Metal Core Wheels - Offers floor protection and shock absorption
Molded Rubber on Aluminum Center Wheels - Quiet, easy rolling solution offering floor protection.
Low Profile Moldon Rubber Wheels - Lower rolling resistance than standard rubber wheels.
Moldon Rubber Wheels - Excellent selection for floor and load protection.
Thermoplastic Rubber on Polyolefin Center Wheels - High resistance to oil, grease, water, and most solvents.

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