Polyurethane swivel caster with brake

Bassick Casters and Wheels

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bassick series 61

Bassick Series 61

INEXPENSIVE DOLLY CASTERS For warehouse and factory service. SWIVEL 2", 21/2", 3" AND 4" Dia. Wheels

Durable casters to be used where heavy loads are common, short travel and intermittent services are expected, and low first cost is essential. Typical applications would be on parts bins, moving dollies and portable conveyors. These casters have the same features found only in heavy duty industrial material handling casters.

SWIVEL: Single level diameter ball bearing swivel for economy and long life.

Finish: Heavy zinc plate finish for rust prevention and bright appearance.

A wide variety of options available, please Contact us for more details.

bassick series 68

Bassick Series M68 Swivel and M08 rigid

INSTITUTIONAL CASTERS 31/2", 4", 5" dia. Wheels For trucks and equipment carrying up to 1,120 lbs.

Time proven 68 series caster with new top plate with popular bolt hole pattern.

Large diameter, wide wheels for greater load capacity and easy movement over floor obstructions.

Typical uses: stock trucks in stores, housekeeping carts, stock picker trucks, and maintenance trucks.

SWIVEL BEARING: Double level, hardened, full ball bearing swivel with two large diameter hardened races for easier swiveling and long life

FINISH: Heavy zinc plate for rust prevention and bright appearance.

WHEEL BRAKE: Step on wheel brake available on swivel casters holds equipment in place.

THREAD GUARDS: Protect wheel from binding with string for longer life with less maintenance.

bassick series 69

Bassick Series 69 AND 70


For many years the largest selling quality office caster. DIAMOND ARROW, hardened ball bearing swivel construction provides easy action and long life. Supplied with non-marking non-staining GRAY BACO soft rubber wheels for use on hard smooth floors, tile, wood, vinyl tile, concrete, and others.

Equipped with polypropylene, quiet rolling, non-marking hard wheels for movement on carpets.

Oxidized copper finish for wood base chairs and nickel plating for metal base chairs.

bassick series 70

Bassick Series 70 Swivel and Series 71


These casters with larger wheels and larger swivel bearing are for heavier service and greater movement. School audiovisual stands, room service carts, display stands and cabinets and utility tables are typical uses.

SWIVEL: Double level, hardened, full ball bearing swivel for easy swiveling and long life.

FINISH: heavy zinc plate for rust prevention and bright appearance.

WHEEL BRAKE: Step on wheel brake supplied upon request

bassick series 900

Bassick HONCHO 900 Material Handling Casters

For platform trucks, warehouse trucks, mobile containers and other material handling trucks carrying up to 3,600 pounds in hand pushed or conveyor towed applications.

Comes in series Swivel or rigid 5", 6" and 8" Diameter wheels.

bassick series  1200

Bassick Honcho 1200 Industrial and Material Handling Casters

For platform trucks, fixture dollies, freight terminal trucks and cargo containers carrying up to 4,800 pounds in conveyor towed or hand pushed application.

Casters are available in Swivel and rigid 5", 6" and 8" Diameter wheels.

bassick serties 1650

Bassick Honcho 1650 Heavy Duty Industrial and Material Handling Casters

Series OS Swivel or OR Rigid 5", 6" and 8" Diameter wheels, 2" tread width

Series HS Swivel or HR Rigid 6", 8" and 10" Diameter wheels, 21/2" tread width

Impact resistant casters for power handling and high abuse operating conditions, rough floors and rough handling for carrying up to 6600 lbs. Total load.

bassick floor lock

Bassick Position Floor Locks


A Position lock lets you immobilize equipment in any desired location, but does not interfere with its movement when not in use. Platform trucks, fixture dollies or other castered items can be locked in place by a simple foot pressure.

Locking action is created when a large, round friction face of nearly 10 sq. inches in area is pressed against the floor with the force of 70 to 100 lbs.

The position lock does not lift the equipment, as the spring-allowed applied force is not as heavy as the weight of the castered item.

F430, F550 and F802 position locks have aluminum lacquer finish.

F410, F600, F800 position locks have bronze lacquer finish.

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